APR1, the competitive ribbon expanding ARMOR's Wax-Resin product range


APR1, the competitive ribbon expanding ARMOR's Wax-Resin product range

Veröffentlicht04/03/2020 in
ARMOR is now proud to announce the launch of APR®1 the competitive wax-resin ribbon for Flat-Head printers. It offers ARMOR partners an economical solution for price sensitive wax-resin applications where good performance and affordability are the key criteria in the product selection.
APR 1 main characteristics are:
  • Competitive price with no compromise on quality
  • A high-density black ink thanks to its 2 pigmented ink layers
  • A unique formulation giving a very good sharpness when printing
  • New ribbon generation made of 4µ PET film thickness reducing plastic waste by up to 12%
With its capacity to print all kinds of paper or synthetic label materials, APR1 is typically well suited for the following applications:
  • Logistics labels
  • Product distribution labels and hang tags
  • Sachet labels
  • Fresh food labels
  • Pharma
  • And many others
Try it, you’ll be surprised with its potential: Get a free sample!

An introduction to the new range logic:
Based on a cost/performance ratio, ARMOR is introducing 3 families of ribbons, each of them comprising a wax, a wax-resin and resin(s).

• CLUB: The ribbons for everything. Cover 80% of the standard labeling needs with these 3 products. >>AWR®8, >>APR®6, >>AXR®7+.
• ACCESS: All what is needed for price driven businesses. 3 competitive ribbons with the usual ARMOR quality: >>AWR®1, >>APR®1, >>AXR®1.
• EXPERT: For the most demanding or specific applications with stringent requirements. >>AWX®FH, >>APX®FH+, >>AXR®8, >>AXR®9, >>AXR®EL (electronics), >>AXR®TX (textile).

With the same purpose to offer a great range logic, ARMOR is introducing AXR®100 the new competitive resin ribbon dedicated to Near-edge printers. 
​AXR®100 is positioned as the Access ribbon of the existing resin range which already comprises historical leading ribbons like AXR®600 (Club family) and AXR®800/900 (Expert family). For ARMOR partners, AXR®100 is an alternative to gain additional business among ribbon users that put price as their key criteria.
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